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If you need to book in for an annual MOT test, look no further than Globe Motors. Based in Camden, we welcome private, trade and fleet clients from all North West London areas, including Hampstead Heath. We’re an approved DVSA testing centre that takes pride in its reputation. Our inspectors perform car MOTs in the Class IV category with fairness and impartiality. 

With a proven track record stretching back to when we first started out in 1999, we enjoy high volumes of repeat business but welcome new customers on the back of referrals.

When booking an MOT, we understand that some motorists will travel a little further afield for the peace of mind that comes with great customer service and an established local reputation. At Globe Motors, we perform testing on cars with a maximum of 8 passenger seats, and on taxis, ambulances, motor caravans, dual-purpose vehicles, and light commercial models with a maximum design gross weight of up to 3,000kg.

So that your car or LCV doesn’t pose a danger to you, other drivers or the public, you must, by law, have a valid MOT certificate for your vehicle if it is 3 years old or over.

To schedule your MOT test, contact us on 020 7387 8803. Globe Motors can combine car servicing with MOT testing to bring down the cost of annual maintenance and inspections. We can also carry out any required work on car tyres and engines and repairs to return your vehicle to top condition.

MOT Testing | Important Information

In 2018, there were changes to the MOT process. We recommend that motorists in Camden, Hampstead Heath and the wider North West London area refresh their knowledge on exactly what a car MOT entails. In doing so, you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect from your visit to us, and you will be able to avoid any financial penalties for not having a certificate.

Our garage goes above and beyond duty for its customers. We outline the 2018 changes to the MOT process below:

1. Defects now fall into one of three categories, referred to as minor, major or dangerous. A further subcategory, known as advisories, covers items which don’t fall into one of the first three categories, but which will require monitoring. Only major or dangerous defects result in a failed MOT.

2. Emissions from all vehicles fitted with a diesel particulate filter now have tighter restrictions. If we see smoke coming from the exhaust, or if we discover signs of tampering when checking the DPF during a test, we award a major fault. This will cause your car or LCV to immediately fail the inspection.

3. The list of features checked during a car MOT now contains new items including brake fluid contamination, underinflated car tyres and more. For a comprehensive rundown of the full list, we encourage motorists in Camden, Hampstead Heath and the surrounding areas to get in touch with our garage directly.

4. In addition, the MOT certificate has undergone an update to reflect these changes. Certificates now list any defects in line with the new categories. This ensures that owners clearly understand the reasons for failure and will know what work needs completing to keep a car or LCV safe and roadworthy.

5. Cars, motorcycles, vans and other light passenger vehicles no longer require an MOT if they are 40 years old or more and haven’t been subject to substantial alterations. If you are a classic or vintage car owner with a model dating back beyond the end of the 1970s, you may not need a certificate at all.

Now in effect, the changes apply in conjunction with previous standards for roadworthiness that local motorists in Camden, Hampstead Heath and North West London have become accustomed to over the years. Working from a fully equipped garage with dedicated car MOT bays, we complete tests within 60 minutes. Cars and LCVs which pass receive a 12-monnth certificate while a failure results in the issue of a VT30 document.

The VT30 document outlines the reasons for failure. We advise motorists to have repair work completed within 10 days so that we only need to do a partial retest of the failed components.

Book in for a car MOT by calling 020 7387 8803. Located in Camden, we cover Hampstead Heath and North West London.

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