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Tyres, MOT Tests and Car Servicing in Hampstead Heath | Our Services and the Law

To preserve the safety of everybody, laws exist to dictate the actions of motorists. These laws extend to some aspects of maintenance. They minimise the risk of component failure and the potential for accidents. Our garage in Camden is handily placed for road users in Hampstead Heath. We regularly receive questions about car servicing, whether a car MOT is required by law or not, and if car tyres must meet certain conditions.


As specialists in everything from complete engine rebuilds to car body repairs, we keep abreast of all legal developments.


Below, we take a closer look at our core garage services and how current laws apply to them. All information is correct as of April 2021. To discuss anything, from car servicing and car MOTs to car tyres and car body repairs, call 020 7387 8803.


Is car servicing a legal requirement?


No, it isn’t. Unlike a car MOT, which is mandatory, motorists in Hampstead Heath have no legal obligation to have car servicing undertaken. To keep any vehicle in good mechanical condition and performing optimally, however, periodic car servicing is recommended. Trying to save money by not visiting a garage for a service will usually be a false economy.


Not only does a lack of maintenance increase the likelihood of major repairs in the future, but no stamps in your logbook can dramatically reduce your car’s resale value moving forward.


When undertaken by an experienced garage, full and interim car servicing can help to identify small running issues and easy fixes. This ensures minor defects won’t develop into larger, more expensive problems. It also reduces the chances of being in an accident and the subsequent need for car body repairs.


Is a Car MOT a legal requirement?


Yes, it is. By law, any car aged 3 years old or more must have a valid MOT certificate. Driving a safe and roadworthy car is important. Motorists in the Hampstead Heath area with a tested vehicle pose no danger to other drivers or the public. Some models require a car MOT after only one year so please check with us to clarify your obligations. Driving without a valid MOT certificate can result in a fine of up to £1,000.00.


Combine testing with car servicing to save money on MOT costs.


After a car MOT, you receive a pass certificate with an expiry date printed on it. You can book in for your next MOT up to one month before expiration. Any additional time left in lieu will be added to the new 12-month expiry date.


Do car tyres have to meet any legal requirements?


As far as any legal obligations go, motorists in the Hampstead Heath area must ensure their car tyres meet the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. This measurement must be consistent through a continuous band, around the entire tyre, in the centre three-quarters of the tread. The tread must comply across the full tyre circumference. To err on the side of caution, a garage will advise you to replace car tyres with depths below 3.0mm.


Full and interim car servicing packages include tyre checks, and so does the annual Class IV MOT inspection.


Drivers risk a £2,500 fine for each tyre that doesn’t comply. If all four tyres have poor tread, this adds up to £10,000. If you have damaged wheels as the result of an accident, a garage will include their refurbishment, and the replacement of the tyres, into any quotation for crash or car body repairs.


For car servicing, MOT tests, new tyres and car body repairs in Hampstead Heath, call Globe Motors on 020 7387 8803.


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