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Globe Motors proudly offers an extensive range of services to motorists in the surrounding Hampstead Heath and North West London areas. Located in Camden, we have a reputation for first-class service, fast turnaround times and cost-effective billing. Our independent garage extends a warm welcome to local motorists who value the importance of traditional customer care, but with all the benefits of a modern company.

Our portfolio consists of private, trade and fleet clients. We also have experience in prestige cars.

The team at Globe Motors can undertake full and interim car servicing, MOT testing, car body repairs and car tyre fitting. These services all have their own pages here on our website.

We can also offer the services listed below:

Brakes – Like other moving components, brake parts wear down over time because of friction. This affects their performance. From pad, disc and shoe wear, to worn lines and leaking brake fluid, we uncover the problems behind erratic slowing and stopping, then carry out replacement work as required.

Clutches – The clutch can fail with little or no warning. We do our best to perform a fast replacement using manufacturer or OE parts based on your preferences and any warranties that remain on your vehicle. A new clutch will make your driving experience more pleasurable and stop potential gearbox damage.

Engine Repairs – A car engine has components which must work in harmony with each other. Motorists in Camden, Hampstead Heath and the surrounding areas can have small repairs undertaken at our garage, or they can use us for a complete engine rebuild. We fix all issue that arise with your car.

Accident Repairs – If you have had the misfortune of being involved in a road traffic accident, we understand the stress and the inconvenience involved. Our garage will get your car back on the road in pre-accident condition. We have modern repair, preparation and paint spraying facilities onsite.

Gearboxes – The gearbox is the most complex system in any car. The constant movement of parts causes small issues to rapidly worsen, and this results in major engine damage. If you have noticed difficulty changing gear, burning smells or white smoke emitting from the exhaust, we urge you to call us.

Car Batteries
– The battery is the main source of electrical power to your car. Battery failure is the most common reason for a car not to start and is often an indicator of infrequent vehicle use. Extreme changes in temperature, or leaving the radio or lights on accidentally, cause the battery to drain.

Engine Diagnostics
– The engine control unit (ECU) is a part of the engine that gathers performance information. It also relays messages to components telling them how to operate. If a car displays a dashboard warning light, we plug diagnostic machinery into the ECU and retrieve the stored fault codes.

Air Conditioning – Manufacturers and garages recommend having your car air conditioning re-gassed or recharged at intervals recommended by the manufacturer. By topping up refrigerant, you can keep interiors cool during hot weather. Servicing your air conditioning keeps it clear of allergens and pathogens.

Key Cutting and Programming
– If you need a spare set of keys for your car, we have a handy key cutting service available. We can also program transponder keys for motorists in Camden, Hampstead Heath and North West London. These are services that will cost considerably more when you choose a main dealership.

Breakdown Assistance
– Globe Motors can offer you an emergency service during business hours. Services include home starting, roadside assistance and towing. We also offer transport, both to and from our garage, for OAPs. Pick-ups and drop-offs are available in Camden, Hampstead Heath and North West London.

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Call Globe Motors on 020 7387 8803 for garage services in Camden, Hampstead Heath and North West London.

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